Visual Design
Project Overview
The music collective RoomTwo was founded in 2019 by Senan Moore and Michal Sajdak and shortly after its creation I was included in the project as a creative director dealing with all visual designs. Within the first year RoomTwo has established itself in Limerick's electronic music scene and generated a great following on social media platforms.
RoomTwo is a music collective that has it's roots in the local scene of Limerick and is deeply connected to the community. Artistically we are focusing on local sounds and art talents, giving newcomers a spotlight to show their potential.
Aside from general organisational and logistical duties my main contribution in this project is the visual design, branding and social media management. RoomTwo follows a clear and simple design language that is reflected in every outlet. All visual designs have been created by myself in creative collaboration with Senan Moore and Michal Sajdak.
RoomTwo's logo is the result of a very long process of finding the right design that suits the style the collective is trying to convey.
Collaborative Ideation
The initial creative process for any RoomTwo design in preparation to an upcoming show was always quite similar. In the beginning we as a team decided on a theme based on the chosen artists, the venue and the time of the year. Once we had brainstormed some ideas of what we wanted to include in the design I started creating some drafts. With these drafts we again collaborated and iterated to create more options. This process was repeated multiple times which allowed me to get more feedback and let everyone in the team speak their opinion. All these aspects were then carried over into the design process in which I finalised and polished the design.

Design Process
Once an initial theme and design was approved by all members of the collective I started to create the actual visual design for the event with the according piece of software. In most cases this would include using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for static image designs and Adobe Premiere in cases where a video was needed.
As already described above I created initial drafts and discussed them within our team to iterate and generate new versions of the design until we all found a design that we were comfortable with.
These visual designs were mostly used to advertise the shows on Facebook and Instagram. The success of RoomTwo within the last year was proven to us through multiple sold out shows and social media accounts with over 1.000 followers.
Jan 2019 — Present
Ideation process of a visual RoomTwo design for a show